Our audio-visual consultancy service: giving your brand a voice

Our audio-visual consultancy service provides a response to modern communication needs. Increasingly, these needs revolve around video content to promote a company or product, as well as documenting events and personal branding.

Social media increasingly encourage users to create short, effective videos. In order to reach as many users as possible, it is vital for businesses to localise their content to best effect.

We offer a consultancy service for audio-visual content so we can work alongside our customers in producing the linguistic part of a video, whether it’s recording a soundtrack in one or more languages, or translations for subtitles, voiceovers or dubbing.

Audio-visual consultancy: which service do I need?

When we translate audio-visual material, localisation comes into play. This means going beyond just translating the text, taking into account a series of factors which depend on the channel and the purpose of the text.


First of all, we need to identify the kind of result we are looking to achieve, so we can refer this to our language services agency:

  • Do we just want subtitles along the bottom of the screen?
  • Do we need to transcribe spoken parts in audio-video documents?
  • Are we aiming to produce dubbing or a voiceover?
  • Is it necessary for the spoken segments to be seamlessly synchronised?
  • Do we need a voiceover by a professional with an expressive voice?

Opitrad starts with your needs, working with you to craft a service that suits your requirements: all you need do is choose the languages.

We work with expert project managers, specialist subtitlers and adapters, multilanguage recording studios in Milan and professional speakers the world over, ensuring a high-quality result at a competitive price.

If you are not sure which solution best suits your needs (and budget), don’t worry: get in touch with us and we’ll tell you more about our audio-visual consultancy service.

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