Editorial consultancy – professionals for your books

Have you got a publication to translate from Italian to another language or vice versa?

Not only will the specialists at Opitrad translate your book respecting the intention of your writing exactly but we’ll also:

  • Proof-read the drafts
  • Do the layout
  • Have the editorial print of your book done

We’ve gained more and more experience in this sector and have built a relationship of trust with our clients and partners which enables us to follow the whole editorial process from the start to the finish.

Editorial consultancy as a quality procedure

Publishing an editorial project has many steps of attention and revision. It’s not just translating but tailoring all the aspects of a product of excellence. Not only the tone of voice of the writer’s intentions must be respected but also the co-ordinated image the product should have.

For years, we’ve given special attention to the steps of translation and proof-reading, also through the selection of the ‘perfect translator’ able to complete the work without misrepresenting the basic intention of the writer in the original language.

Our portfolio is becoming more and more significant from this point of view and we’d be very happy if we could do a good job for you, too.

You can choose from different options whether you need just the translation or want to be guided through the whole process.

Talk to our consultant to find the right formula for your needs and receive a free estimate.

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