Why consultancy for manuals? Writing and translating a technical manual is complex work that requires special care in the translation to ensure the specific terminology is respected. An analysis of the micro-language concerned must be made and specific reference glossaries sought out or created. It’s the technical work of a craftsman.

We like to define it like that because there are aspects of business, like that of the translations in this particular sector, that are carried out with the knowledge of professionals. It’s work that needs great attention, care and preparation.

Our translators have vertical skills so that they can guarantee top quality for any type of market – energy and photovoltaic, IT manuals, data communication, electronics, telephony, mechanics, medicine, biology and science, physics and pharmacy.

But we don’t stop there. We also do the page layout and proof-reading through to the printing of the end product.

Consultancy for manuals and quality control

We have been working in consultancy for manuals for many years and this means we can guarantee our clients an end product of excellence as well as generating active co-operation with them. Opitrad works with painstaking control of quality with the intention of offering an all-inclusive service starting from the translations.

On the other hand, a manual is decisive in providing your clients with information about your products, and also a passkey to determining the perception of the high level of your business from an international viewpoint.

We always have to remember one thing – the formal and lexical accuracy we introduce ourselves with to others turns impressions into trust, and trust turns into turnover.

Contact us to talk to one of our consultants and tell us what your needs are so that we can give you a custom-made estimate.

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