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Why choose Opitrad liaison interpreters

Opitrad has built up a network of professionals who provide so-called liaison interpreting. The work of liaison interpreters consists in oral translation in informal situations, for example in small working groups or in a conference room, or during one-to-one translation meetings with suppliers and customers, without using headphones or amplification equipment.

Liaison interpreters need to be very trained in the subject they are dealing with because they usually interact with the participants involved in the meeting directly without access to any support, such as dictionaries or glossaries.

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And what about personal shopping? A female interpreter is the perfect solution!

Liaison interpreter - Opitrad

Liaison interpreters have to be multi-skilled: they are much required for personal shopping , for example. A lot of customers coming to Milan from abroad during the Fashion Week  love going shopping and what a better opportunity than during that week!  But they can’t go alone because they din’t know the place, so here we are with our interpreter happy to go and show them the best brand stores in town: that’s liaison too.

Tradeshows are another important occasion when you might need an interpreter. In fact, many visitors need help when navigating exhibition stands, so they can liaise with suppliers, customers, negotiate contracts or even just get up-to-date on new products and services. The same goes for exhibitors, who might need an interpreter to help them communicate with the visitors who come to their stand.

Opitrad has many years’ experience providing interpreting services to small and large companies alike. If you would like to book a liaison interpreter to help you with your business negotiations in Milan, the rest of Italy or overseas, contact us now for a free quote.

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