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Specialised translators for the medical-pharmaceutical industry

Nowadays, doing translations for the medical-pharmaceutical industry is no longer a simple matter of prescriptions and patient information leaflets. Substantial documents used to be translated for the pharmaceutical representative who needed to update doctors as to the products marketed by big industry producing very specific preparations.

Nowadays, professional translations for the medical-pharmaceutical industry increasingly enter the wider territory of documents translated for online courses on medical subjects or, more and more often, also in distance learning mode: in these cases we often work from or to English and within structured digital platforms which must publicise the most recent medical-scientific discoveries with absolute clarity.

We need only think of what happens when we are concerned with the translatability of the content into a foreign language for the academic community.

Translations for the medical-pharmaceutical industry
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Translations for the medical-pharmaceutical industry

Translations for the medical-pharmaceutical industry, today

Every specific sectorial translation evolves and so too does the translatability of drug indexes or the product labels referring to them. The best way to translate the documentation relating to nedicines is therefore to approach a specialised translator experienced in scientific subjects, frequently with a degree in Medicine.

All the products of the pharmaceutical range, in the global Pharma market, do in fact need mother-tongue translators, but even more specifically Medical writers specialised in translation techniques for pharmaceutical products, which obviously cannot be improvised. Not surprisingly the ideal pharmaceutical translator is a meticulous person with a love for detail by nature, an expert willing to check even the slightest shades of meaning in every written content.

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