Professional Interpreters for Press Conferences

The work of the interpreters for Press Conferences is very different from the translator’s because it is done exclusively orally.

Usually mother-tongue interpreters are face to face with the speakers or can act as intermediaries to provide professional translations during press conferences, in other cases they may also work in official events giving simultaneous translation from a special booth.

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How interpreters for Press Conferences work

This particular interpreting service is known as consecutive interpreting and is done in formal situation such as press conferences in the presence of journalists: thus it is not done in a booth, but sitting beside the speaker and providing the translation about every 15 minutes. The Consecutive interpreter listens to the speaker’s discourse and translates it faithfully in passages into the other language, taking notes and relating complete units of the speech.

The standard consecutive interpreting day is 8 hours and requires the presence of two interpreters per language, who alternate.
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Here we go again! At least this time, the interpretation booth will be just a distant memory… Ladies and gentlemen, I’ll have the honour of sitting next to the speaker! That’s right, I’ll be consecutive interpreting. That’s because when you’re at a conference with a small number of participants, such as a press conference, this kind of interpretation technique is the one to use.

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