Interpreting booths: the perfect solution for those needing Translators for Trade Fairs and Conferences

The interpreting booths provided as a part of Congress Services house a professional translator who works with headphones to ensure instantaneous understanding of the speeches in a meeting or live video-conference.
There is an increasing need to hire these specialised solutions, precisely because they enable comprehension of the spoken parts during a congress or a trade fair event: simultaneous translations in these cases are truly fundamental because they aid the correct transmission of key messages and can be completed by the more classical voice-over service for public events.

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Interpreting booths: Systems of simultaneous translating and interpreting

Thanks to the technology, according to the arrangement of the room, a system of simultaneous translation can then be installed without the booth, but with high-quality infrared technology.

We are also able to provide guided visit systems, i.e. portable simultaneous interpreting systems, used in contexts such as technical fashion presentations where it is necessary to change room for each presentation or when guiding a delegation around a factory. This equipment is provided to groups of up to 20 people.

Opitrad selects each interpreter on the basis of a detailed linguistic analysis and uses professionals able to translate in a few moments also in the most specific and increasingly requested combinations such as translating from Turkish or Korean. For this we offer only and exclusively mother-tongue interpreters.
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