Chuchotage: professional translation whispered in the ear

The term chuchotage or whispering interpreting is used to define a particular kind of simultaneous translation, which is whispered into the ear of the listener, directly, in so-called “one-to-one” situations.

It may have happened to you to watch a television programme with international guests:  well, sometimes, you have probably seen a nice lady or a good-looking man approaching a guest, sitting behind him and whispering in his ear what the other participants are saying. And then she/he translates what that guest is saying to the audience. That’s chuchotage or whispering interpreting.

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Chuchotage: where, how and why to choose it?

The translation whispered into the ear is done in the physical presence of the speaker and does not require the aid of technical equipment or support.
Chuchotage is normally employed in many “business” situations such as:

  • Television programmes such as talk shows where only one of the participants is foreign
  • Formal meetings of boards of management, corporate kick-offs
  • Presentation of company products or strategies
  • Conferences, when one or two foreigners are present who need to follow the event
  • Press conferences

In this last case, the foreign speaker hears everything that is said by chuchotage and then, on taking the floor, has his or her words translated to the audience by a consecutive interpreter. Opitrad specialises in this sector. If you need to ask for an urgent estimate, contact us to find out the details of Chuchotage interpreters offered by Opitrad.

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