Why Opitrad has joined Invest in Lombardy’s Partner Program

Every now and then, it’s nice to talk a bit about ourselves and, in this case, we’ve been handed the perfect opportunity to do so by our recent decision to join Invest in Lombardy’s Partner Program.

Invest in Lombardy is a service set up by Promos, the Special Agency of the Milan Chamber of Commerce, to promote Opitrad has joined  Invest in lombardy's Partner ProgramLombardy’s international competitiveness, acting as the main institutional contact for investors interested in setting up a business in the region of Lombardy. In order to offer high quality solutions to the wide range of needs and requests put forward by investors, Invest in Lombardy has set up and gradually consolidated its Partner Program project, designed for Lombardy-based companies and professionals working in the service sector.

Milan (with 33% of its multinationals foreign-owned) and Lombardy (with 47%) are the perfect ecosystems for international investors. This accomplishment is the result of our area’s great multi-sectoral manufacturing tradition, something that sets it apart from other great European metropolitan areas.

Why did Opitrad choose this partnership?

Three reasons, above all, persuaded us to join this interesting project:

  • the growing internationalisation of companies: starting with Lombardy and making the most of our linguistic expertise, we can help to significantly expand the economic competitiveness of companies in the region and at a national level;
  • thanks to the Milan Expo, the opportunities for foreign investment have increased exponentially and now we need to concentrate on taking advantage of the opportunities we’ve created;
  • globalisation has led to an increase in the level of mobility of capital and business, creating a high level of competition between different geographic areas. That’s why we think it’s necessary to support and promote our economic and social system’s resources and its best features.

Opitrad’s decision to join Invest in Lombardy’s Partner Program is a vote for quality, expansion and growth, but it’s also a great way of contacting companies interested in Lombardy and Italy, providing them with what they see as formal recognition of our skills.

If you’d like more details or have special requirements concerning your plans to expand internationally, we can help you. We can even put you in touch with other partners participating in the project and help you find the solutions and opportunities that will meet your needs.  Contact us!

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