Specific translation expertise and industry sectors

The offices of our agency are in the heart of Milan and provide specific translation  expertise in the three key sectors for the city’s economy, which make up a significant part of Opitrad’s core-business:

Every mother-tongue translator working with Opitrad must be able to re-elaborate and revise the most common texts and document types in these areas: from the simple brochure to the classic press release, with particular attention to advertising translations or ones where our clients require a typical journalistic style.

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We also offer language services in numerous other areas: we can guarantee accurate translations for highly specific market segments such as Food & Wine, we have built up a network of contacts with translators experienced in Pharma and the Manufacturing industry; lastly we can guarantee the translation of marketing contents in the tourist industry, not only in Italy.

Specific translations of a technical nature: Opitrad translation expertise

Milan is also the industrial and financial capital of Italy. In this connection the Opitrad services portfolio could not fail to give special attention to technical-specialistic translations, especially in the wide variety of text products involved:

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