Translating technical documents in Milan

Translating patents and instruction leaflets in technical fields is not an occupation that can be made up as one goes along and requires particular care and expertise.
The overwhelming majority of clients requiring such highly technical translation services operate in industry and require content that has been prepared with the utmost care, ideally after the translated material has been through a minimum of two rounds of proofreading.
Here in Milan, Opitrad has made a name for itself as an agency specialising in technical translations, especially as regards the energy and high-tech industries.
Over the years, we have supplied technical instruction manual translations and information sheets for a select range of clients.

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Italian to English technical translations for industry

Those looking for the professional translation of specifically industrial content are interested in one thing, first and foremost: reliability.
Opitrad is a supplier of technical localisation services for specialised content and formats such as technical catalogue translations as well as technical user guides, which are increasingly in demand even outside the usual industrial sphere.

At our agency, English is the usual target language, but we now find that it is no longer unheard of to be asked to translate more and more content into German as well.


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Translators specialising in technical content

There are three main characteristics that expert translators specialising in technical content and documents possess:

  1. They must translate whilst prioritising the consistency of technical content
  2. They must highlight a product’s features whilst creating an accurate technical glossary for every term translated, adjusted to suit each client
  3. They must choose a syntax that makes technical translations clear, ensuring that they are easy to read

Opitrad has built up an elite network of translators who can guarantee these professional skills. If you’d like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to request a free estimate, you’ll get a guaranteed answer.

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