Translating university documentation

Translating for universities is an ‘educational’ profession, in that the academic world has been experiencing a particularly interesting phase of expansion in the past few months, both in terms of the range of courses available and in terms of the number of foreign exchanges available to students and lecturers. This change in the market proves how it’s always best to place your trust in professionals when translating university documentation, especially if we consider the fact that it is no longer necessary to limit this work to the simple translation of degree certificates.
Academic translations are quite complicated and require familiarity with a particularly specialised lexicon. It is also important to take into account more subtle variations, such as the use and development of such specialised lexicons in the various different parts of the English-speaking world. Translators are therefore required to have an ever-increasing familiarity with the codes of communication and rules shared by an extended community of scholars (not to mention university officials) who will not stand for sloppy, imprecise translations.

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Examples of academic translations

Opitrad has been working in the field of academic localisation for years and has therefore expanded its range of services in order to ensure the certified and consistent translation of university documentation. Our network consists of native speakers, some of whom also work in different capacities in academia. Below is a summary of the kinds of assignments we are asked to deal with on a daily basis in the general field of education:

Traduzioni di documentazione per l'università

  1. The translation of degree certificates and diplomas, complete CVs, degree course syllabuses and work placement evaluations.
  2. The legal certification and translation of educational qualifications into their foreign equivalents.
  3. The translation of talks, conference proceedings and lectures.
  4. The translation of various sociological, economic and medical/pharmaceutical texts.
  5. The translation of e-learning post-graduate or professional courses in various fields.

Opitrad’s experience in academic translation

In recent months, Opitrad’s portfolio has been expanded thanks to new partnerships with University in Lugano, Switzerland, UCSC University in Milan and the University of Milan’s Ospedale San Paolo. These important collaborations also came about thanks to the fact that our agency is based in Milan’s city centre: a strategic location that allows us to reach and communicate with the capital of Lombardy’s major academic institutions quickly and easily.

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