Quality translations for the Luxury goods market

Opitrad has carried out various translations for the Luxury segment, as well as for fashion houses and clothing brands. Our experience has enabled us to understand that the ideal translation for this sector must be:

  1. Local: It must necessarily be local, i.e. adapt itself to the culture and mentality of the target markets.
  2. Journalistic: In addition the Luxury clientele opts more and more for a communication with the characteristics of those who love translating in advertising style, whilst obviously maintaining an adequate specialisation. In the first case particular attention needs to be given to the so-called headline, in the second case the words should be calibrated for an audience (for example the guest buyers in the showrooms), and never be generic.
  3. Specialised: The Luxury market is a very specific, strongly growing sector of the economy. With all the more reason any translation addressing this market must be reliable and extremely well edited. Opitrad has applied these experiences and specific translator best practices for a series of selected customers and brands in Luxury and the related field of Fashion.
Translations for the Luxury
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Translations for the Luxury

Opitrad has years of experience in translating for the Luxury market and is able to work with a range of products much in demand in this sector:

  • Catalogues
  • Contracts
  • Interpreting
  • Show-room presentations
  • Press-kits
  • Product information sheets
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