Professional Translations of Brochures

The translation of brochures is a must in Corporate Communication. Multinational companies often have to produce brochures that come into the field of translation for institutional, or corporate, communication. This field which causes them to prefer texts with an advertising slant, i.e. without repetitions and featuring a fresh, immediate language, able to go straight to the point.
This kind of communication calls for a precise skill.
The translations of brochures or catalogues and pamphlets, as with leaflets, which often contain offers of a commercial nature, cannot be approached in a standard manner: it is necessary to use the services of translators experienced in strategies of corporate communication, able to master the subtleties of advertising language.

When promoting a company or a service, not rarely abroad, among the most common tools we still find the brochure. Especially in the sector of tourist translations and particularly in the context of professional translation for the fashion market or also when we translate for the sector of furniture and design.

Brochure: one name, many specific translations

Those producing Translations of Commercial texts know that the simple localisation of a payoff or perhaps also of the slogan for a company product is an only partially achieved aim. The best strategy in these cases is to employ translators experienced in advertising copywriting techniques, able to apply the greatest care (and a bit of imagination) in handling the microtexts making up the material of which the brochure texts are composed: titles, captions and sub-headings must be translated with the greatest sensitivity in order to achieve the maximum yields in the contents for marketing.

The skills required are many. For example our translation agency had to adapt the brochure of a wine company which contained several quotes from literature in a flowing, poetic narrative thread. In this case the quotations could not simply be translated; we had to find the original and bring them in line with the official translations.
Other times the brochure may be highly visual and consist of only five words. And yet it is quite demanding to translate five words apparently out of context… it is not enough to have an excellent knowledge of the subject matter, it is also a question of corporate culture.

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