Design and Furniture Translations: it’s all about attention to detail

A picture may tell a thousand stories but it’s simply not enough to express the technical characteristics and concepts behind a design object or furniture piece. In fact, with the enormous amount of furniture catalogues and other written materials, it’s very clear that the furniture and design sector still heavily relies on the written word and that it plays a fundamental role in this fast-paced and multifaceted sector that is not just about aesthetics.

And when it comes to design translations and the choice of words it really is all about attention to detail. This also means that Opitrad’s translators have to treat design and furniture translations in a very special way.

In fact, a design company is not just looking for a mere translation of a brochure, catalogue or even its price lists, they want something more: they’re looking for ‘emotional’ detail.


Design and Furniture Translations for interior designers

As specialist translators in the furniture and design sector, we know all about the language used by communication and advertising experts and this is precisely the expertise we apply when we translate project documents and descriptions for the architecture and residential construction sectors. These translations cannot simply communicate information, measurements, deadlines and contractual terms, they also increasingly need to convey the feelings associated with the concept of ‘living and experiencing a given space’.

What do people who translate texts for design exporters do?

Another common example are translations for the home decor and accessories sector. These texts are often translated into many different languages, so they need to be consistent across the board, and the products often need very clear assembly and care instructions.

However, when it comes to luxury furniture and interior design, the need for emotional communication has also proven itself to be vital in persuading customers to purchase their design products.

This approach is particularly important for Italian companies operating on the international market, where exporters of Made in Italy products increasingly need their texts translating into enticing and engaging English.


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