The translation of a legal document must be carried out with care and precision and should always be entrusted to expert certified translators who, while a quick turn around may be important, will above all work to ensure that all the parts that make up a legal document are consistent.

The types of documents Opitrad is most often asked to handle in this particular specialised field of translation are the following:

  • The translation of legal deeds concerning commercial transactions, usually in the corporate field
  • What is known as the legalised translation of educational qualifications: usually degree certificates
  • Company articles of association and Company Registration Reports as issued by the Chamber of Commerce, particularly during a contract negotiation phase

Our translation agency has decided to meet these needs by making a key choice: Opitrad is a translation agency based near Milan’s law courts. The decision to be located there is strategic, as it allows us to handle legal translations and certifications in Milan, the home of Expo 2015 and a place that is particularly important when it comes to B2B transactions.


The agency you need when doing legal and sworn translations from Italian into English

Working in the field of Italian to English translations, Opitrad boasts clients of all kinds, including an elite group of companies that operate in the fashion and luxury goods industries.
When it comes to judicial and legal matters, we have built up our expertise day after day, translating balance sheets, deeds and documents for competitive bids in Italy and particularly abroad.

In the global economy we are increasingly asked to take on projects with a legal ‘slant’ that need to be translated into a number of foreign languages, right from the start.

Choosing an experienced certified translator

The translation of legal deeds, such as corporate documents and those that ratify commercial transactions, is a highly specialised task.
For all such ‘sensitive’ documents, the involvement of translators who specialise in legal texts – familiar with a language that must be formal but also unambiguous and therefore clear – is required (if not strongly recommended or, indeed, obligatory).

Opitrad’s elite network of professional translators can guarantee such high standards: if you need a legal deed or document translated urgently, feel free to request a translation estimate: it’s guaranteed and there’s no obligation.

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