Professional Translations of catalogues for commercial purposes

Translators of catalogues or just promotional texts for marketing purposes are used to taking the greatest care in localising information. In this sector we have to pay the maximum attention to detail when translating the microtexts (otherwise known as micro-contents) which often represent the core of so-called Commercial translations and require extreme consistency of language. So before commissioning a translation of contents for marketing in a commercial context it will be helpful to give thorough consideration to the different types of text (each one having its particular features) that we have to deal with:

  • Translation of titles
  • Translation of captions
  • Translation of index items
  • The “translatability” of advertising slogans or claims

In all these cases the key word is Uniformity: however, uniformity of language does not mean “generalisation”. It is that requirement of homogeneity for which the translator of a catalogue must aim ideally. But there are exceptions; let us see where.


Translations of catalogues with advertising language

It is not always possible in any case to translate with the same word. In fact in so-called Cataloguing for Commerce, for advertising purposes, this almost becomes a rule. At this point, however, it becomes advisable to preserve the original meaning rather than slavishly translate words and constructions: in this case we are dealing with Advertising Translations aiming to offer a translation with adaptation of language of the original message, “transferring” it to the target cultural context.
This is a very common approach, for example, for those translating specialised publications or those engaged in translating Art Catalogues, which is practically a separate sector.

The services of localising catalogues of a technical nature

Different, finally, is the approach of the specialised translator to catalogues of industrial equipment or components. This type of text is classifiable under the wider heading of Technical Translations and needs qualified specialists, often experienced in engineering and mechanical vocabulary. They must able to provide language services for localisation, which only apparently have the features of generic “catalogue translations”. One example of these is the translation of a manual.

It is interesting when our work brings us up against one of those sectors that are somewhat hidden in relation to the context they refer to: I’m speaking, for example, of bottle tops. There are very many variants according to the type of bottle-neck and the liquid to be preserved. In these cases it is essential to prepare a specific glossary to be checked with the client so that we can provide the correct translation, especially into rather more complex languages like Russian. We work with the aid of pictures and the appropriate expression is built up conceptually.

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