Translating websites, apps and metadata

Translating websites might seem a simple task at first glance; instead, it requires special expertise. That’s why editorial-style or (even better) advertising-oriented translations are the most sought-after skills when it comes to companies that need to localise webpages or create SEO-oriented content for digital marketing purposes, such as keyword advertising campaigns on the Internet’s main search engines.

Opitrad has interpreted the new needs of this market – a market that focuses on digital communications – by setting up an office in the heart of Milan, which has always been a strategic location for companies wanting to do digital business in Italy. Below you’ll find a list of the skills we’ve honed, thanks to 20 years spent working in the field of online communications:

  • We translate keywords for Internet promotions
  • We advise clients to prioritise the most clickable keywords from an SEO perspective when translating for the web
  • We translate descriptions and other metadata, and not just for online purposes


Prioritising cultural adaptation when translating websites into English

When it comes to the Internet, it’s never merely a question of localisation.
Increasingly, those who promote websites are asked to rework the content they produce for a digital audience by translating websites and culturally adapting them. This is particularly true when it comes to those who work with the English-Italian language combination.

It’s very tempting to get this problem sorted by translating a website into a multilingual version, perhaps with the help of automatic translation programmes and without the involvement of specialised native speakers, but this creates a number of problems, as any Internet user knows only too well.
The truth is that whenever we enter new geographic and cultural circumstances, we are aware of the fact that localisation methods will need to become much more sophisticated.
In all such cases, Opitrad knows that the help provided by a translator is essential and is not limited to generating ‘mere words’.

Web content translators are marketing consultants

Translators who work with the World Wide Web know that their profession is not at all unlike that of a marketing consultant. This becomes patently clear when translating from Italian into another language.

That’s why content localisation services have strategic value: they certainly don’t just limit themselves to assessing the translatability of one word or another, nor do they simply take into account the specific characteristics of the local market when culturally adapting text.

Every exercise in content localisation carried out on digital media must involve a translator who boasts skills similar to those of a copywriter, every time: i.e. someone who can adapt messages to each of the many communication formats found on the Internet.
Our agency has summarised the guiding questions that need to be asked in a simple list:

  1. Have I taken into account the wider translation context during the briefing stage?
  2. Am I translating blog articles or social network posts?
  3. And what if it were easier to translate some concepts using images instead?

Opitrad’s network of professional translators is used to handling such projects and meeting these specific requirements. If you’d like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to request a free translation estimate: you’ll get a guaranteed answer.

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