Website translations into Italian: clear and ‘to the point’

Internet is no longer an optional extra. Today, communication starts with the web and not vice-versa. That’s why, here at Opitrad, we offer professional website translations into Italian, i.e. translations that have been adjusted to suit the client’s industry but that are preferably written in a vibrant style as well. Every translation our agency produces is clear and ‘to the point’ so as to ensure that the following ingredients are never missing:

  • A personalised glossary of terms
  • The right tone of voice
  • Information adjusted to suit the intended audience
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Over the past four years, Opitrad has worked in partnership with digital native companies such as the 77 Agency and has localised extensive multilingual projects such as the Food in Italy portal and the Relax in Lombardia initiative, set up to promote cultural as well as food and wine-based tourism. In all such spheres, our guiding principle has remained the same: whilst leaving the client’s central message unaltered (which varies, of course, depending on the industry and the aim), our network’s linguists choose a natural style of writing that is never stilted.

Three characteristics that should always feature in every website translation into Italian

Each translation agency has its own approach to the localisation of text, as is only right and proper: that’s what makes it a free market.

Nevertheless, website translations into Italian, done by a professional linguist, should always possess the following three characteristics, and this short list could help you assess the work of a freelancer or your usual translation agency:

  1. Logical simplicity
  2. Conscientiousness
  3. Familiarity

That last characteristic may seem insignificant but it is perhaps the most crucial aspect of the three. Thanks to cultural adaptation, really professional website translations into Italian manage to convey customs and conventions as well and not just a particular linguistic repertoire (though important).
That’s what helps us identify an expert translator.
After all, we should never forget that our translations will be read by people who live, think and act just like we do: and not by robots or ‘machine translators’.

Translating websites into Italian: Opitrad’s experience

English is a more direct, precise language that prefers a ‘clean’ approach to communicating information while sometimes the marvellous language that is Italian might need wordy prose and bureaucratic descriptions.

With every passing year, our agency keeps this principle in mind, translating and localising reams of text for the web: from traditional websites requiring localisation to SEO-oriented translations for hotels and tourist resorts, from the translation of keywords and advertising for the web to increasingly frequent blog posts that need to be optimised for search engines.
Thanks to their myriad variations and alternatives, the translation of websites has definitely become part of our DNA.

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