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Shoe translations: a real challenge!

In September Milan usually hosts the the MICAM, MIPEL and LINEAPELLE, the prestigious international trade fairs dedicated to footwear, bags and leather accessories.

Shoes of all kinds are the talk of the town.

From a linguistic point of view, in fact, the world of footwear is a phantasmagorical collection of terms which in many languages contains contaminations from others: take for example the general use in Italian of the term décolleté to describe the high-heeled court shoe.

There is talk about stivali (boots), stivaletti (half boots),  tronchetti (ankle boots), and mocassini (do we say mocassin or loafer?), not to mention a whole series of ladies’ shoes with tacco e listino  (heel+band),  listino  a strappo (band strap), multilistino (multiband) or incrocio a t (t-band).

There are many different shades of meaning present in every language, influencing each other depending on the origin of the kind of shoe in question.

So prepare to visit this amazing trade fair which is guaranteed not to disappoint, even if you’re not a fashion addict!

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