• Dieses Jahr ist es noDie richtigen Worte für Weihnachtswünsche

This year, it’s more difficult than usual to write something really meaningful and not rhetorical to wish you a Happy Christmas because, as we all know, it’s far from the usual Christmas.

We’re gritting our teeth, we know that many of you reading this message haven’t been able to join your loved ones, we also know that some of you have lost them in the drama of this hostile time we’re living through. It’s difficult.

Normally, words of re-birth are used in all the languages that believe in this faith but we want a strong, heartfelt message of perseverance to reach you, because the most authentic meaning of Christmas refers to the miracle that is repeated, with the joining of hands, the ritual of vicinity.

In this 2020, Christmas must find us ready to turn on the light inside each of us. We’re doing everything we can to let commonsense prevail, to give the economy a break, and we, first and foremost, are implementing new ways of helping you.

We’ve got to train resistance. We’ve got to train the heart and mind to be visionary and forward-thinking.

We’ll stay close to the people we love, far and near, we’ll cook healthy food, we’ll put some music on, and we’ll try to smile thankfully.

Happy Christmas to everyone.

From the very heart.

Annalisa Occhipinti

Founder & CEO Opitrad

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